Statutes of the non-profit organization Bhakti Marga Belgium – abridged version

The association aims to carry out in parallel, and in a non-limiting manner, various actions and activities, particularly in the literary, artistic, cultural, educational, media and spiritual fields, in order to offer all citizens a permanent platform for sharing. in the field of well-being, intended to awaken them to themselves, others and the world. And this, guided by values of peace, benevolence, transparency, responsibility, unity, cooperation and ecology in connection with the teaching of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda.

The association can carry out all acts relating directly or indirectly to its goal. In particular, it can receive donations and in turn make donations throughout the world.

It also has the possibility of acquiring one or more buildings or locations. In particular, it may lend its assistance and take an interest in any activity similar to its purpose.