Atma Kriya Yoga Course (French)


Start: 15 april @ 09:30
End: 16 april @ 05:30

Organizer: Madhusudhana Das
Phone: 0499 52 73 57

Venue: Belgium

Cost: €300.00


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Atma Kriya Yoga means bringing soul consciousness into everything we do.

Each technique develops one of the 9 forms of Bhakti (Devotion) and opens the heart to the transforming power of Love.

Atma Kriya Yoga is the most powerful form of Yoga given to the world today. Use your heart and calm your mind so that you can hear your inner voice louder and feel the Love that already exists within you.

Through Atma Kriya Yoga, realize yourself and become once again what you were, continue to be and always will be – the Soul.

Shaktipat is the reason why Atma Kriya Yoga is the most powerful form of Yoga today. It is the energy of an ancestral yoga tradition that is delivered to the student and guarantees success and security throughout the practice.

The grace of Shaktipat Initiation allows the student to rapidly progress in the techniques and achieve not only some limited benefits, but the fullness of what Atma Kriya Yoga can offer – realization and communion with the Divine within their own heart and throughout the whole life. part.

– Burn karma and purify mind and body
– Build a personal relationship with the Divine
– Connect with the source of life within your own being
– Awaken the Divine Qualities of Love, Peace, Patience, Wisdom, Intuition, Compassion, Joy and more