Darshan in the Netherlands


Start: 19 November, 2022 @
End: 19 November, 2022 @




On Saturday, 19 November, 2022, Paramahamsa Vishwananda gives a darshan in the Netherlands in the town of Boven Leeuwen op 1 1/2 u van Antwerpen.

Throughout the year, He travels the world to open the hearts of mankind to the experience of divine Love. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet Him personally, only 2 hours away from the center of Belgium, and to experience His Love.

Darshan means “divine sight”. During darshan, Paramahamsa Vishwananda sees our soul and leads us to experience divine Love within ourselves.
Each darshan is unique and helps us move forward on our spiritual path. Come and experience it for yourself!

The event includes hours of joyful devotional music, inspirational talks, and personal face-to-face blessing.

A bus will be available for round trips from Brussels and Antwerp.
Reservation (bus): info@bhaktimarga.be.

With Love, the Dutch and Belgian darshan teams.