Belgium Darshan Registration

Registration for in person Darshan on January 26th 2024

Note: All family members (6 years and above) are required to be registered separately under their own names.


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I agree that during the “BELGIUM DARSHAN 2024", organised by Bhakti Marga Belgium, that pictures and/or videos of me as a participant may be taken. Images will be taken and published by Bhakti Marga Belgium, for the purpose of publishing and broadcast live on the Bhakti Marga Belgium website or in (print) publications of Bhakti Marga Belgium, on the Facebook page of Bhakti Marga Belgium, on the Instagram page of Bhakti Marga Belgium, on the Flickr of Bhakti Marga. I know that I can refuse to grant consent or can withdrawal either of them at any time with future effect. I can exercise my withdrawal rights with regard to Bhakti Marga UK via the following email